I”m never leaving


To be able to roll out of bed and stumble down to the beach, fall into the cool, green Pacific Ocean was the dream after the years of stress, trauma and grief. In short, sick husband, small child, large house, dead husband, single parent, teenage daughter and Parkinson’s. The plan – sell the house and buy near the ocean to be able to……….

It was years in the planning and the night I electronically transferred (very scary) a ridiculous amount of money just for the deposit, I came home to my rented beach pad and flopped on the couch, smoked a medicinal pipe and sighed, “I’ve done it. I’ve fucking done it!”

The smugness set in, I am n ow a real Coogee resident. Coogee is one of the most sought after, laid back beach suburbs of Sydney. AND summer is here and the time is right for dancing in the streets. Thanks Martha for your song that you insisted was a party song not a call to revolution.

Back to my smugness. This morning was a beautiful hot Sunday morning and I rolled out of bed and threw myself in the azure Pacific, lay on the beach and read more about the 60’s song that became a call to arms for the militant black movement. Then I wandered back from the beach. As I slowly walked up the hill I noticed I was being shadowed by one of the many cars looking for a park. The desperate, hot sounding voice from the car yelled “You leaving?” thinking and hoping I was heading back to my parked car. Quick as a flash I yelled back “I live here I’m never leaving!”.

It felt good.



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