The Goodbye Song

I tried to find a goodbye song but couldn’t

So I thought I would write one.

It’s time to say goodbye love

But let it be au revoir not adieu

The French make a distinction

See you again or God speed

See you again one day

See you again one day

See you again one day

I never meant to hurt you

I never meant to make you cry

Are the typical goodbye song words

That really come from deep down inside me

You opened my heart and set my body free

And let me love again

If for such a brief moment

Let’s remember the good moments

Yesterday I had a bitter taste on my lips

But I want to remember your sweet lips not that bitter taste

It’s time to go and I don’t hate you

Although we can’t seem to get past anger and hurt and accusations

We both made mistakes

It was really doomed from the start

Though Boo yah to us for trying

I don’t want to hate you but I need to do what I must do

You know what that is

At the moment i can’t see through the cloud but time will tell

If we have a friendship

Or not

Those warm intimate moments will never leave me

That day on the beach, your whispers of  ‘precious’

Your strong masculine arms and your warm embrace

The laughing and eating, your fabulous boots your care about my health

I hope you can find some memories of me that linger

Instead of the vitriol that seems to be all

That is left of our love

I’m sorry

I’m sorry

I know you feel bad

But you must leave now or we’ll both go mad

I’m sorry

I’m sorry

My tremor won’t stop as I write these words

My whole body is shaking

My love goodbye



Day job: a small consultancy delivering customised pronunciation training for professionals who work in English as their second or third language. Wanna be job: A creative person who writes, takes photos and lives
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